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 Who We are at Uptown ?

Karoline George


Both Karoline and Vic have retired

from the same organisaton in 2013 with more

time to spend sailing & instructing.

Victor George

 Cert Ed MA (educ)

KAROLINE started Sailing with Vic in and around the Solent some 30 years ago after owning their own Motor Cruiser. She is a Practical RYA Yachtmaster and Theory Instructor and an experienced Sea Survival Instructor. She brings to courses and cruises, 5 Fastnet Races (two as skipper) including RORC Racing on Beatrice C, Joint Offshore Group Racing, Anitigua Racing and delivered Beatrice C to Spain/Gibraltar with her crew of 10. She has just returned Beatrice C after 8 years back in June 2017. Karoline has completed the 2013 and 2014 Sydney to Hobart Race on the 70ft Race Yacht Helsal 3 with crew of 16 as one of the two Watch Leaders (Click Link below). She has competed in the RORC Caribbean 600  in 2015, 2016, 2019 as 1st Mate starting and finishing in Antigua. She would have done the 2017 Race as 1st mate, but Vic had a stroke during his first week in Antigua. Sorry Kas.........!


Vic has been coaching and training future yacht skippers and crew both ashore and on the water since 1995. He was an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (sail) until February 2017 when he suffered a stroke. He has remained a Theory Instructor delivering for Uptown Sailing and other Sea Schools most RYA Theory Courses. He also brings his experience as a Powerboat Instructor, extended cruising to Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, two handed racing to Azores & back, and cruising along the English & French Coast. He mostly skippers BC around Gib, Spain, Morocco and now around the Solent. He is a qualified teacher and was a professional photographer, hence lots of photos of others! 




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